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A leader is simply a pace setter. One who sets examples for others to follow. One key factor about leadership is that it is filled with responsibilities which comes with challenges. These challenges helps to stretch the leader to explore more of his/her inner dynamics in solving the given challenges. In fact, everybody's problem is the leader's problem. Hence, the saying. 'uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

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While some are ready to earn and make a living from your potential, remember this: 1. There is a market for your potential. Refuse to believe the lie that everywhere is saturated. There are at least 250 people that will rather choose you to provide a service to them than others. 2. You must create your own brand for your potential by internally being different about how you present, serve and care for your customers

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Join Churches Event

Liverpool Joint Churches Initiative going on Monday and Friday has been very interesting and educational.

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thank God for today

thank you Jesus for today

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When you believe that the blood that Jesus shed on the cross was for you, you then receive the life of Jesus in you. You are now born-again. The God of the Holy Bible offers us His grace; grace is a free gift, a gift that we do not deserve. We do not work to receive God’s gift of salvation, but when we receive salvation by faith then our faith will be proven by doing the works of God which He has prepared for us to do. When you accept God’s grace through faith you then enter into the destiny that God has planned for your life.

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What Does Salvation Mean

The simplest definition of salvation is to be delivered (or rescued) from peril. The word took a bit more of a shape when I figured out it was connected with the preacher telling us we needed to “get saved.” The most common meaning of salvation is to be saved by God from the consequences of our sin. But the Bible speaks of our salvation in a bit fuller terms than simply being rescued from hell.

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